1- What is the Internet Speed required?

Our service works best when you are getting 5 Mbps or more. You can connect your device through a wireless or wired cable.


2- How I can complete the configuration setup once I received the TV Box?

Simply, the TV Box has an automatic setup configuration, once you plug in the power adapter, the wizard setup will appear automatically on your TV screen.  All you need to do is follow the instructions on the TV screen. 


3- How do I connect my internet to the TV Box?

You can connect through a wired or wireless connection. First, try to use a wireless connection. It should work without any problems, it’s already tested by many customers. 

If you feel the internet connection signal is weak, then try to use a wire connection. in this case, you need to connect the Ethernet wire cable between your modem & TV Box.


4- How many TV Channels, Movies & Series. Did you offer all countries?

We are offering the latest Movies & Series (Daily update) including all TV channels from all countries. More than 6,500 TV channels in HD quality (1200 Arabic channels are included, USA, Canada, Europe, Turkey, Kurdish, Persian, African, …and much more).


5- How to activate the TV Box once I received it?

All you need to do is go to the Home screen then select All IPTV Player. then you will be asked to enter the login details. The login details will be provided by email & print copy inside the TV box.


6- Can I access YouTube & other social applications on TV Box?

Yes, all popular apps (YouTube, Netflix & others) are available & pre-installed in TV Box.


7- What is included in the TV Package & What is the Warranty?

TV Set-top box, Remote Control, Power Adapter, HDMI cable.

The hardware warranty is for one year.


8- How to renew my service?

To renew your service, please Click Here

Once you order the subscription, you will receive the new login details automatically by email within 5 minutes.


9- Can I use the subscription on any device?

Yes, you can use it on any device (Smart TV, Android, Apple, Amazon Firestick, Roku, Laptop ..etc). You can watch one device at the same time. But you can request extra devices (Up to 3 extra devices) during the checkout order.

Please check the App Download page for all supported devices & how to use your subscription.

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